Sabroe Compressor Spare Parts

Our company offers genuine replacement spare parts of CMO,  BFO,  SBO & TSMC – series of Sabroe Compressors as a ready for your maintenance & utility requirements. We do also offering Refurbished / Remanufactured SABROE compressors

So looking for your esteemed Purchase Orders & a long term business relationships in this regard.

Sabroe VMY 246 NR – Compressors : Used NH3 ammonia screw compressor Sabroe VMY 246 NR, build in 2003

Sabroe VMY 436M-MK 2.5 – Compressors
Used screw compressor unit Sabroe VMY 436M-MK 2.5. This compressor unit can run as NH3 ammonia aswell freon and has the following components: ASEA Brown Boveri PNCB 400 LR2 Electromotor (850 kW at 2977 RPM), Liquid Receiver, Oil Separator, Pressure s



Specifications – Sabroe VMY 246 NR

Number 7147
Brand Sabroe
Type VMY 246 NR
Refrigerant NH 3 (ammonia)
kW at 0ºC/+40ºC 1600
kW at -5ºC/+40ºC 1050
kW at -10ºC/+40ºC 850
kW at -20ºC/+40ºC 580
kW at -30ºC/+40ºC 400
Stock 1


Specifications – Sabroe VMY 436M-MK 2.5

Number 7145
Brand Sabroe
Type VMY 436M-MK 2.5
Refrigerant NH 3 / Freon
kW at 0ºC/+40ºC 3055,4
kW at -5ºC/+40ºC 2542,4
kW at -10ºC/+40ºC 2080,2
kW at -20ºC/+40ºC 1388,8
kW at -30ºC/+40ºC 885,3
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